Happy PI Day

We had a little treat at the math department for Pi day:

I also have a treat for you. Here’s a little Java I threw together that maps the first thousand digits of Pi to keys on the piano. Warning: I don’t know why sound continues from the applet even after I navigate away, so be prepared to restart the browser to shut up the sound. That said, I think it sounds quite soothing, and of course since the sequence never repeats itself, you theoretically should never be dull of it 🙂

I had intended to post this a little earlier, but I was volunteering at a science and math conference for the whole day and haven’t had a moment to spare until now. Here is the source code; though the code that’s linked from the applet page is similar, (couldn’t upload it to Geocities due to scary file extension) that one is actually meant for Processing, which is what I used to export my code into an applet with a click of a button, not that I prefer clicking buttons though. I think the knowledge of creating an applet should be elementary, but I just wanted to pack what I had quickly before Pi day was over!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed your Pi day today. And for the parting fact: Albert Einstein’s birthday is today as well. Isn’t today such a nerdy day?