Ending this streak of no posts

I really think something is wrong with my brain if I tell myself to blog but only do so during the new year. Time to put an end to that, with a quote from a recent study:

Progamers showed increased gray matter volume in left cingulate gyrus, but decreased gray matter volume in left middle occipital gyrus and right inferior temporal gyrus compared with healthy comparison subjects.

The positive difference between pro-gamers, who live a disciplined daily regimen to improve their game, and gaming addicts, who just compulsively play for hours on end, is in the cingulate. Actually, not quite — the quote speaks about the difference between pro-gamers and healthy subjects (i.e. non-addicts), but the result is the same: significantly larger cingulate gyrus.


It looks like the larger cingulate helps to suppress impulsivity. It also helps to reduce perseverative errors. As I understand it, perseverative errors are when you continue to do something (because it has been reinforced by some positive stimulus) even when it’s not working out (the positive stimulus isn’t there any more).

Well, I’ve been meaning to blog and it’s not been working out! Seems that I need to do what my favorite undergrad professor continues to say and change my brain. Hopefully I can break the habit with this combo-breaker of a post.

I’ll be writing about more general things, like this post for example is about brain science that I’m interested in. I’ll also post about Chinese and Japanese, on top of the usual tech bits that I started this particular blog out for. The idea is that I’m consolidating everything into this one blog (used to have 2+) so that I don’t have to even think about where a post should go, which causes me to think about whether I should even post at all, which causes me to not post blogs at all. Let’s see how well this goes.