Sleepless hackathon

I have been awake for over 24 hours now and am wide awake from the hackathon last night at the CS club.

It was an awesome time really because of two things.  One is that with everyone working on their own unique project, it was cool to jump in and see what it was that people were coding in, what problems they were wrestling with, and sometimes it was possible to sit down and get into the work yourself as well.  The other thing is that people’s enthusiasm drives you on.  It was pretty fun.

About my project, I’ve had this Neo Freerunner that I’ve never had the chance to use because I never had a SIM card, but having recently switched carriers, I now have a chance to actually use my phone.  The phone had basically collected dust for the past year or so, so I took the chance during this hackathon to catch up with the community effort behind the Freerunner, which fortunately is alive and well.  I updated the firmware, set up the phone to interface with my laptop, and at the end of it, the phone felt pretty snappy, almost usable!  Though I didn’t do much, I am happy I now have a new phone to use.

Though the hackathon ended at noon, there were people hanging around at the club through the night, and actually hacking picked up again with Colin continuing Victor and Alex K’s puzzle solver and adding a visualizer to it.  By the end of it, puzzles could be solved (given enough gigs of heap space).

I’m not a bit tired.  I did take a nap, but just a short one.  It was fun.