Diary #22: A lot of little things

Well, it’s hard to blog about a lot of little things, so I’ll clump them all into one.

I sent off a friend and fellow graduate student at SFO this past week after providing shelter in my apartment for about a week. I felt bad about how I was worrying about how it was cramping my bachelor grad student routine in the back of my head while they were staying over. I ended up just spending most of my time with them towards the end of their stay since, hey, who knows when I’ll get to meet them again after they return to China.

Since publishing the vim addin as a standalone plugin, people have starred the repo on github. I feel obligated to go to work on it and also a little guilty for not spending much time on it. Maybe dedicate an hour or so daily to looking up the API and jotting down plans on the wiki so that the project actually has a freaking pulse.

Speaking of which, I’m making progress on writing my own python console Qt widget. There is an existing project on sourceforge called qconsole, but it’s GPL and I’d rather go through the process of setting up my own.

I think I want to dedicate some time regularly visiting the code review stack exchange, at least to work on my mental checklist of reviewing code when I don’t have it in compilable/debuggable format. I guess this might be more for code quality rather than correctness of implementation of algorithms, but it’s still important to get a mental checklist ironed out for when I have to look over my own code during an interview.

I managed to set myself up to buy Kindle ebooks in Japanese from Amazon Japan. Sadly, you really only have print copy as an option for certain novels, but at least the selection is much larger than what is simply on Amazon US. It is so amazing.

I’ve got the okay from my advisor to take the trip to Paris in September (I was invited to participate in a CGAL developer meeting). It’d be nice to get to talk to people who do geometry for a living, get some feedback about my project, about software engineering prospects, open source development, and life in general. I’m going to focus on doing a good job for the rest of the summer of code and maybe follow the mailing list more closely so I can make a good impression when I get there. Also, time to do some trip planning in case my parents want to tag along.


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