Hi 2011

WordPress just emailed to say that I averaged one post per month in 2010 and that that is great. I guess I can do better. I even missed the first post opportunity on January 1, 2011 – not a great start blogging…

On the other hand, I made a good start programming on my sweet new desktop – I owe a shout-out and some details about my new desktop on Wednesday. It took a while but I figured out how to find the edges in a min-cut of a graph in C++ using the Boost library. It was *such* a headache trying to figure things out from the docs and making sense of the generic code. I think I’ll give it some time to sink in but I’ll definitely write about how its done, my impression of BGL, and thoughts on graphs in general by Friday. Along the way, I found yet more cool stuff with vim, which I’ll write about on Monday.

Winter quarter starts here at UC Davis tomorrow. Aside from taking courses in algorithms, network theory, and neuroimaging, I’m going to be a TA for introductory C programming. The prof said besides teaching the language, he also wanted to introduce applications, both old and new, to sort of motivate/reinforce the learning. It’s an interesting question: what’s new and interesting that people are doing with C? This is an ongoing question to think about and try to answer this quarter.

If there’s some new year’s resolution that I’ll take seriously, it’s to read more code. I’m going to renew my efforts in following some interesting open source projects and mailing lists, follow some bugs, and read some code that way. I don’t know yet what I’ll write about as commentary, but there’s bound to be interesting things worth mention.

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